AnyReader 3.18

AnyReader is great for copying files from scratched CD/DVD/Blu-ray(BD)

AnyReader is a file recovery and transfer tool for Windows. It can be used to recover files from damaged CD/DVD/Bluray dics and bad hard drives. It also has a nice file transfer utility that can be used to transfer data between two computers over a network (especially a WIFI network) when the connection is unreliable and copy errors are frequent. This mode can resume data transfers so you don't have to start over every single time.

AnyReader is a wizard-based application. In the first few steps, it asks you what kind of operation you would like to carry out. There you select if you want to recover data from a CD, read a bad hard drive, etc. For each operation, you can customize the way the application will attempt to recover the selected files. You can set the number of attempts, you can set a pause between attempts and even skip sectors if a bad packet is encountered.

I was able to test the network data transfer tool and it worked well. I intentionally turned off my router while the transfer was going and after a few minutes of turning it on and off I was able to completely transfer a file. I couldn't test the other features myself. But from what I have researched on the net, the CD/DVD/Bluray recovery tool doesn't entirely work. I read reports that the application would work for up to ten hours and, after that, the files that it did recover, were unreadable. Of course, this all depends on how badly damaged your media is. If your disc has a scratch the size of the Grand Canyon on it, there is no software that will be able to recover it.

José Fernández
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  • Nice data transfer tool
  • Good interface


  • It can get a little slower than expected
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